Libre #0 – Is all you need love? (pilot) – English

Libre #0 – Is all you need love? (piloto) – English

Libre is a podcast about non-monogamous relationships, sex, love, non-traditional relationships, poliamory and how all of this can help us fight domestic violence and other forms of gender violence. This is a feminist podcast with 8 base episodes published biweekly starting September 2019. In this first episode, listeners are introduced to the hostess and to the podcast itself, in English. The podcast is also published in Brazilian Portuguese and the Brazilian version eventually has bonus episodes between the regular publication.

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Our hostess Marília Moschkovich, also known as Marilia Moscou (@MariliaMoscou) is a sociologist, MA and PhD at Unicamp (Brazil), and fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung in Berlin. This podcast is part of her current research project and was made with the support of the Berlin Feminist Film Week. Since 2014, after ending an abusive marriage, she lives non-monogamous relationships. In 2019 she became a mom and has since then split the baby care with one of her partners – hopefully soon expanding this care and affection network as much as possible. Besides that, she is a bisexual, a member of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) and a fouding partner at a feminist independent publishing company called Linha a Linha.


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